AnneWalker / Good Tast Chicken Broast Recipe


How to make broasted chicken


1 chicken

1 tbsps garlic cloves cloves paste

1 tbsps nutmeg paste

1 tbsps white-colored pepper

1 sodium to taste

3 egg white

1 cup maize flour

1 oil for strong frying


Cut chicken to 8 large pieces Rub on the paste properly about the bits and simmer into a refrigirator in a closed boat for atleast two hrs. Tender the chicken bits Pour sexy with white garlic sauce and fries Wash the chicken pieces and soak them in salt for 30 mins Blend garlic paste, garlic paste, pepper, at a bowl and then put in chicken pieces into it. Coat in egg wheat and white flour and deep fry in cookikg oil on low fire


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