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How to make palak paneer


Spinach(palak) --1 big choice or big packet

Paneer--200 grams

Onions--2 (chopped into big pieces)

Tomato--1 (big)

Ginger-Garlic paste--1/2 tablespoon

Green chilies--5-6

Sour Cream--1 big spoon

Cloves--3-4 (powder)

Cumin (Jeera) powder--1 teaspoon Oil-1/4 cup


Paneer--If you are using suspended paneer go on it out and then maintain at room temperature for 34 hours prior to cooking or you may defrost it.Take oil in a medium sized thick tawa (horizontal pan) and set almost no oil within it. Insert the paneer cubes and fry till they are golden brown. Sprinkle some salt and put it away. To steam at a pan trimmed the palak and add a spoonful of plain water and then cover it to get 56 minutes. Take the spinach, Onionsberries, ginger- garlic, chillies and make a fine paste in a blender.

Take a non-stick pan and put oil into it and heat on medium heat. Insert jeera powder, garlic, cloves and saute for a few moments. Now add the skillet glue keep stirring as it tends to flutter around. Gently cover the pan for about 7-8minutes occasionally stirring it. Add some water if the sauce is overly thick. Add salt and a pinch of sugar. Add the sour cream, then blend gently and insert the paneer. Cook for 5-6 minutes just before carrying it off the cooker. Drink chapati or roti.



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