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60g/2oz rice paper

1 ½ tsp. miso paste

30ml/1fl oz sesame oil

30ml/1fl oz light sodium soy sauce (gluten free optional)

1 tsp. liquid smoke

2 tsp. maple syrup

½ tsp. paprika

½ tsp. black pepper


1.Whisk all ingredients except for the rice paper in a bowl. Set aside.

2.Stack 2 pieces of rice paper and hydrate in a bowl of cold water until slightly soft and pliable.

3.Cut the hydrated rice paper into strips using a pizza wheel.

4.Dip each strip in the soy mixture.

5.Lay a sheet of parchment paper directly over your oven grill.

6.Lay seasoned rice paper strips on the wax paper.

7.Bake for 6-8 minutes at 205C/400F.



Update Message: Aaaah, facon (or fake bacon).

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