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Doodh Dular Recipe


4 cup milk

1 & ½ cup vanished milk

½ cup vermicelli

½ cup sugar

1 tsp Increased water

2 tbsps pistachio nut products (crushed)

2 tbsps nut products (crushed)

1 cup fruits and veggies cocktail

1 cup rass gullay

1 Cup shady jam (green & red)

1 tsp apples slices

2 tbsps pistachio nut products (for topping)

2 tbsps nut products (for topping)

Jellies (for topping)


1.Add milk in a cooking meals pan

  1. Then add vanished milk, vermicelli, sugar, improved water, pistachio nut products, nut products, & get ready it for few moments to make a mixture

  2. Now take it off from the stove, add fruits beverages, Rass Gullay , apples items in this mixture

  3. Spread some crushed pistachio nut products all around the bowl

  4. Add major with the help of crushed nut products and jellies

  5. Offer it



Update Message: For Eid Special Dessert

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